Rally Obedience

One of the newest events that boxers can excel in is Rally Obedience or Rally. This event is a combination of obedience and agility (to a small degree) and can offer an excellent segway to either obedience or agility. What makes this different from obedience is that the handler is encouraged to talk and cheer their dog on as they proceed through the course. This is an excellent venue for the young dog and/or novice handler who is just beginning their dog performance adventure.

Like competition obedience, there are 3 levels: Novice, Advanced and Excellent.

Rally Novice involves 10-15 stations and all exercies are done on lead. Rally Advanced exercises are done off lead and there can be 12-17 stations. Rally Excellent is also done off-lead, except for the honor exercise (either a sit or down with a 6 foot lead) while another dog/handler team is doing the course.

The course is designed by the judge and will have signs indicating the exercise to be performed at each station. Examples, but certainly not inclusive, of each type of exercises are:

    Turns can include traditional left & right, about turns, U-turns, 270°,360°, to name a few. Also there are fronts & finishes where the dog circles around the handler, as instructed by the sign at the station. Other turns can be spirals, which requires the dog/handler team to go around pylons or cones in the direction indicated by the sign; figure 8; and serpentine weaves

    Pace. The dog/handler team may be instructed to walk slowly, move quickly (or fast) or walk normally. Other exercises can include a step/halt or a stop/halt (or down)

Examples of exercises found in the advanced classes include:

    Dog Sits While Handler Moves in indicated direction, such as an about turn

    Sending over a jump while the handler passes by it

    Halt Pivot in the indicated direction on the sign

    Offset Figure 8 which involves going around cones or pylons

    Variations on the Halt and Finish