Legislative & Legal Issues Facing the Dog World

In today's world, there is much discussion about the rights of dog owners and breeders. While there are many organizations and people who say they care about pets, many of these groups have a secondary or hidden agenda...to end pet ownership in the United States.

The Dallas Boxer Club would like this page to become a place to find the facts and discuss what issues are facing not only reputable and caring boxer breeders but those are pet owners. Many times, issues that face the cat fancy or horse owners can impact dog ownership. This page is focus primarily on Texas issues but also, when possible, discuss any national trends and issues that can affect residents of Texas.

There are three organizations which are on the forefront for fighting any legislation which may be detrimental to dog ownership and breeding. The AmericanKennel Club has a large legislative department which tracks national issues. The Responsible Pet Owners Alliance is active in monitoring the Texas State Legislature and local municipalities regarding anti-breeding and anti-pet owning legislation and the Sportsmen's and Animal Owners Voting Alliance (SAOVA) tracks legislation in all fifty states.

There are many groups which, on the surface, seem to be for the good of animals. However, many of these groups are a threat to responsible dog owners and responsible breeders. These groups include PeTA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), HSUS (Humane Society of the United States), Farm Sanctuary and others promote radical restrictions on pet ownership and will disguise legislation that harms pet owners.

Texas state law currently prohibit breed-specific legislation. However, many of the cities and counties have ordinances and laws limiting the number of pets which can be owned or how dogs which have been deemed dangerous are housed. Ordinances and laws are created for the public good, thus many groups may use this as leverage to convince elected officials that these laws are for the best.

Please keep checking back to this page for the latest information about legislation which could affect you, as a dog owner or breeder.