Club Information

The Dallas Boxer Club was established in 1950 and have consistently promoted the boxer breed in the North Texas area. Many members have years of experience in breeding and showing boxers and are always willing to talk 'boxer' to anybody who is interested and wants to learn more about this wonderful breed. The Dallas Boxer Club is based on a sound constitution and is a member of the American Boxer Club (ABC).

DBC club members come from a variety of backgrounds and have different interests: conformation, breeding, obedience, agility and just the pleasure of owning a boxer. All boxer enthusiasts and lovers who want to promote responsible ownership and breeding, participation in the dog performance sports and meet other boxer lovers are welcome at all meetings and events.

Anyone interested in becoming a member of the Dallas Boxer Club must attend two club meetings before becoming eligible to apply for membership. Each applicant must be sponsored by two current club members. The Board of Directors reviews the applications and gives recommendations to the club members at the next scheduled meeting. The club members then vote on each application, at which time the applicant(s) shall not be present.