Breed Information

The boxer is the quintessential family dog, although these dogs are not for the faint of heart and careful consideration should be taken before purchasing or adopting a boxer.

Over and over again, the same words are attributed to these dogs: loyal, kind, energetic, playful. Whether they are 9 months or 9 years, the boxer is a dog who craves his humans. He wants to be with them--whether just lazing around on a breezy summer afternoon or when his human is taking a bath! These dogs have a smooth coat, a docked tail, a smooth, muscular physique and, in some instances, cropped ears. The term "kidney-beaning" has been applied to them since their entire body moves when greeting people. Boxers can be especially gentle with babies, toddlers and older adults. There are story after story of boxers risking their own lives to save a human.

They are a medium-sized dog (ranging roughly from 21"-25" in height, according to the breed standard). Their coats can be either fawn, brindle, white or a combination of any. White boxers can easily sunburn, so sunscreen for these dogs is recommended. They have a blunt muzzle, which gives them a unique profile.

The boxer is extremely intelligent and has a quiet, yet dignified bearing. They most certainly can be trained for any number of dog performance sports and other important activities such as search and research, guide dogs for the blind, assistance dogs for the physically challenged and police dogs.

Visit the American Boxer Club's "Meet the Boxer" web page for more information.